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My passion for lactation support stems from the trials and triumphs that I experienced through my personal breastfeeding journey. Each of my four children had varied issues that necessitated some level of breastfeeding support. The number of wonderful, helpful, and supportive lactation consultants that I saw was far outweighed by those that gave minimal help at best. This is what ultimately drove me to return to school and focus on lactation care. I felt that every mom deserved an IBCLC who could openly listen to concerns, provide a shoulder to cry on if necessary, and create a plan that was sustainable. I knew what I needed as a breastfeeding mom and I wanted to share that with others. While breastfeeding my little ones we had issues including tongue-tie, upper lip-tie, torticollis, suck disfunction, low milk supply, cracked and bleeding nipples, nipple blisters, plugged ducts, low weight gain, the use of an SNS, bottle rejection, and formula supplementation. These trials were difficult, but they make it possible for me to empathize with my patients.


In the fall of 2014, after the birth of my 4th child and another round of breastfeeding difficulty, I began my Lactation Specialist program through The University of California San Diego. I graduated in the spring of 2016 after completing over 300 hours of clinical time with some of the best IBCLCs in the Puget Sound area. My specialization is tethered oral tissue (tongue-tie, upper lip-tie, and buccal ties) and breastfeeding therapy. I am always on the hunt for continuing education opportunities to further my knowledge in order to better support my patients.

I provide in-home lactation consults on a limited basis, virtual appointments, as well as clinic visits at Origins Natural Health and Midwifery in Snohomish.

When I’m not supporting breastfeeding moms, I’m enjoying life as a first-generation farmer. My husband and I, along with our four children, live on a 10 acre farm in Monroe. We raise Scottish Highland cattle, Idaho Pasture Pigs, and chickens. We also have a Jersey cow that I milk twice a day! I love to garden, can my own foods, bake, and make cheese. I homeschool my three youngest children and every day is a new adventure in our home.

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